Rays of Hope

I’m taking a bit of my BUSY BUSY BUSY and ..OCCUPIED HECTIC week full of papers to grade, grades to hand in, parent-teacher conferences, finals at school, projects and final papers and MANY sleepless nights….. to encourage myself (ha, how selfish that sounded) as I remember the good things in life…those that are NOT hectic, busy…like friends, books, shoes and of course GOD!

  • Donatello -: the same goal for this week???

Katherine: oh yeah!

Katherine: pray for meeeeeeee!

Katherine: Actually, maybe i should change that

Katherine: make it to THURSDAY will be fine


– Donatello -:of course dear

– Donatello -:you have already acomplished it

Katherine:yeah. so far so good


  • Me: (looking down and very tired from the long and trying day i’ve had)

Student’s mother: Katherine, don’t you look that way. Thank you for all you’ve done with my daughter. God is using you very much so. Don’t give up!


  • I just got this WONDERFUL BOOK. Refreshing thoughts on someone who’s HIGHER and WORTHIER and AWESOME and EVERYTHING I WANT! and NEED!! if you’re in any spiritual drought (or not) this book is a MUST for every serious, deep thinker, Christian!


  • And I also was given a pair of sandals! (they were already used, but in pretty good condition. I’m a shoe/sandal/footwear LOVER!specially if they didn’t cost me anything


  • Countdown

27 day for Christmas

23 days for Christmas break (work)

2 days for Christmas break (school)

Thank you Lord for those little rays of sun you send to my very busy and frustrating days!!!! I LOVE YOU


2 thoughts on “Rays of Hope

  1. Katherine,
    Good to keep in touch with you and to see how your are doing.  That is exciting that you are teaching at Logos.  Hope all is well and that you enjoy this wonderful time of the year.  If you really want to experience Christmas, come to Connecticut some year with the cold and snow!
    Senor Peter

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