I’ve looked around and seen that I have no friend to turn to…I feel like I somehow don’t fit in and I blame myself for my lack of …well…I won’t go in there now…

Anyhow, it seems like I have no time to feel lonely, though I’ve been very tempted to feel that way.

First, I find out that one of my closest friends finally gets engaged tonight! She and her boyfriend have been planning their wedding for a couple of months now, but he finally proposed tonight and gave her the ring. Their wedding is set for February 24th, the same date of her parent’s wedding anniversary. And guess what? I get to be a bridesmaid!!

EDIT- Her one ring…


Second, I was browsing through some friends pictures and I read someone’s hilarious comment that brought so many high school memories. It made me laugh out loud so much. I could see God bringing that ray of laughter just the moment I was starting to engage in self-pity. Praise Him.

Third, I have commited myself to take care of others’s needs whenever I am tempted to indulge myself in loneliness, and self-centeredness. As a result, now I’ve been asked to pray for 3 different people tonight before I go to sleep.

I’m off to work now…I’m reading/grading some short stories written by my 5th grade students. Could life get any better?  ‘Night!

You are my All in All


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