The Rally of My Life

Our church’s youth group had a car rally today. It sure was a lot of fun! I was copilot for my friend’s mother. I was pretty nervous that we 3 girls wouldn’t make it, and get lost in the first turn. But thank God we didn’t…and never missed any of the road judges. We had a couple of difficulties trying to understand the route at certain points, but other than that… we did pretty well, and we did it in a very good time…provided that this was our first rally. Anyway, as it was expected, we didn’t make the first 5 positions, but that’s okay. We made the complete route, and hardly ever got lost. You could say that we were pretty obedient smart girls

While we were at the rally, we were making fun and wondering where some of our fellow competitors had gone…it looked like some of them didn’t follow the instructions correctly and had gotten lost from the very beginning of the rally. Right there, lightning struck me:

“Katherine, don’t you see you’re doing just the same thing?”

Have you ever attempted to do something on your own…without trying to follow the given directions …just “pushing bottons” ?

I realize that this is what I’ve been trying to do for the last couple of weeks. I’ve tried living life without the Guider’s Manual, without the Map, and without the Instructions.

And, Lord…You know I have. I’m sad to say that my priorities have been misplaced. I’m afraid to say that I’ve been so unfaithful and placing my desires before God. As a result, I’ve enthroned myself in His place and made my life miserable… What a stupid thing to do. I’ve been emotionally distressed and spiritually weak. I’ve been trying to live life on my own terms. I haven’t been reading His Instructions, let alone following them. I’ve driven my car, tried getting somewhere, but instead have gone backwards…far away from where I want to be: close to my Savior.

When I got home this afternoon…I took a nap…but that didn’t take away my pain. So I cried. Spent a long time in His presence just crying  and being honest with Him for the very first time in some weeks. Praying He’d take me back. Praying He’d accept me and forgive me for what I’ve done, and missed to do.

I don’t want to drive my car and race this rally without Him.

Jesus Take the Wheel.


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