I decided I would press the “New Entry” button on my xanga dash and write something…anything.

This week I learned a new equation:

No devotional time = emotional disaster.

I got pretty good answers tonight to try fix my life. I thank Him for the faithful people in my life.

Other than that…He has been very good. I aced most of my tests and got a B+ in another one. I dunno how I did it anyway…I couldn’t study very much for any test…so I believe He aced those tests for me.

This weekend was our church’s annual Couples Retreat. I’ve heard very good things from it. Praise God. Since I’m not married, I stayed babysitting some kids for three days (Thurs.-Sat.)  One girl and two boys. The girl is 5 and the boys 7 and 10 (the oldest one is my student). It was a good opportunity to serve God and get a good taste of what mothering three kids is like. We had fun…we played some video games, colored coloring books, read the Bible, learned question #8 of catechism, watched some movies, ate pizza…and woke up at 8 am!!


I would post some pics of those beautiful kids….but I’m not sure their parents would approve that.

I’m off to bed now. I need Him tomorrow morning. ‘Night.


(that’s a bad pic right there…but that’s kinda my signature now )


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  1. Oh my gosh Katherine, I miss you like so much!! Thank you very much for the comments. That meant a lot to me!! I will definitely update on Homecoming and I will try and figure out how to put pictures up so that everyone can see!! I am very excited for Christmas!! I love it!! I hope that you have a great weekend! I love ya!!

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