Many of you have been asking and wondering how I am doing and how’s my teaching going.  So I’ll steal a couple of minutes from my hectic agenda to write a bit about how everything’s going.

I started teaching on September 4th, and after so much prayer and weakness, God answered my and other’s prayers and gave me a great first day of class. He really blessed me and has been blessing me during these two weeks of classes. The first couple of days I struggled so much with my time management. It seemed like I had so many activities and objectives planned out that I felt I could harly breathe in between one class and another. We were all rushing and what really hurt me was that I felt I wasn’t reaching my “low profile” students. I felt so bad about it…but the Lord opened my eyes to help me see what wasn’t really working and what things I had to change — in my lesson plans and preparation of my classes. Anyway, right now I am going through routines and rules as consistently as I can. The Lord has given me grace before my students and they’re learning how and when to do things. My classroom is becoming a place where I can actually teach, and all my students can learn. Of course, they have some rough days when self-control seems hard to accomplish, but we have all managed just fine . My building coordinator came in to observe my teaching last Friday and she said she was amazed at how well the students were working and actively participating in class activities. Oh well, all I can say is that God’s grace and lovingkindness have been more than abundant

So that’s about my teaching so far. I am also taking 6 classes at school and have like a long paper-well, not that long…it’s just a three pages paper that I don’t feel like writing, to write for Wednesday! I have also to hand in my weekly lesson plans on Thursday. AND as I write this, I should be grading some papers. AND -as if all that wasn’t enough, my church’s choir is having a presentation on Wednesday and I have to come practice tonight and tomorrow night!

Hectic, huh?

I wonder if I’ll make it to the end of this week…

So there…ya’ll have to forgive me for not posting as much as I usually do. I am slowly getting to understand what putting priorities in place means. I am happy that I’m learning to do this while I’m absolutely and happily single. He has also been showing me how much I need HIM for everything in life…not only teaching and actually surviving through the load of work that I have…but in all things. I have so many things to grow and mature. But He’s there for me and will always be. Ain’t that good? I would really be happy if ya’ll could pray for my health. Lately I have been having some chest pains and I don’t know what they are.

Your prayers are very appreciated.

-Teacher Katherine

PS: This is a pic of my class!



3 thoughts on “Hectic

  1. Katherine, – I am glad that teaching is going well for you.  God always has a way of making us more dependent on Him.  It is good that He does, but it doesn’t always feel good. – Paul

  2. twinny!!! It’s so good to see that you’ve posted. I can’t believe how busy you are–I’d be pulling my hair out. I’ll be praying that you can get everything done and survive to the end of the week. I hope your chest pains go away too. They’re no fun.
    hang in there…love you lots!!

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