Ten days and no posts.

Ten days of lots of work, growing tired, and getting ready.

Ten days in which the Lord has been closer to me showing me my faults, sins, and unreadiness to fulfill His calling.

Ten days of learning more about how His grace is sufficient for me. Every day. All the time.

That’s how I’d summarize what’s been going on with me lately. I have gone through many small trials and I have been faced with the fact that I am– in no way, able to do things on my own. I need Christ. I need of His strength. I have been working on my classroom set up and plans and every other responsibilities that come with the “being-a-teacher” package. I am excited about this new teaching job, yet I think I have never seen the meaning and importance of my job as I have these last few days. The whole sight of it is very humbling. It’s not only teaching academic content, it’s also keeping and guiding my student’s hearts. It’s modeling with my life what I teach with my words. I feel so small compared to the amount of responsibilities that I now have before God. I don’t see this as only a job, but as my life. I am weak and challenged. Yet, like Casting Crowns sings “when I’m weak, You make me strong”. Praise God for that!

During this week my life, as John Piper’s, has been impacted by some quotes. Both of these are my own inspiration from what I’ve learned.

“It’s so easy to take blessings for granted”, and “To live life unintentionally is to not live at all.”

Live life intentionally and purposefully for Him. After all, there’s no other way to live it

ps. 3 months until Christmas. I don’t know why, but I realized that the other day and have been thinkin’ about it. It’s weird ’cause I don’t have anything planned for that time as of now


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  1. Hey girly. I have never commented before…. I thought it was about time a changed that…;) Just wanted to say  howdy…  hope you have a great week.

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