Forget it.

Just dance.


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  1. You know, I am one of the worst dancers that there is, but I had the best time dancing while I was down there in Dominican Republic, that I dance all the time up here. YAY! Go me!!! I just don’t care anymore what people think of my rather weird dancing moves! HEHE! Anyways, I love you Katherine and I hope that you have a great rest of the summer!
    In Christ,Tara

  2. Heck yeah! Just dance. I like it. “A Christian will never be unready for a given task that’s part of God’s will, for God Himself is the giver of strength and grace.”I disagree. There’s lots of examples of people in the Bible who weren’t “ready” for what God had planned for them. They ended up doing it anyway but I wouldn’t say they were ready for it. Moses tried to talk his way out of being God’s spokesperson and tried handing the duty off to his brother who he thought would be more eloquent in speech. God had to repetetively tell him that no, Moses was the man for the job not his bro. Jesus Himself prayed for any other way in the Garden of Gathsemene before praying not my will but thy will be done. He did it because He knew it was the Father’s will, but He wasn’t diving right in ready to go. We can get through it through God’s strength and guidance, but that doesn’t mean we were necessarily “ready” for the task. It just means we realized that God is bigger and He can get us through. It may take some encouragement and repetition to get us to the point of being “ready” and we may eventually get there, but we don’t start off there for sure.That’s just my thoughts though.

  3. I take it you’re into photography? 🙂 From some of the pics i’ve seen that you’ve posted, you’re quite good! I like your style.
    Have you started teaching yet? If so I hope it’s going smashingly for you! What subjects (or grade) are you teaching?

  4. yeah i’m afraid we have no choice at PCC. “class dress” equals hose. But not all day anymore. Only before chapel and to dinner. Things are looing up, we are free to bare our legs in all their glory between the hours of 11 and 5!

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