I learned something yesterday.

A southern person will always use these phrases at some point in their speech:

1. “Bless (his/your….) heart”

2. “There you go!”


I’ve been wondering if this thought is a biblical one….”A Christian will never be unready for a given task that’s part of God’s will, for God Himself is the giver of strength and grace”

Is that a biblical supported thought?


5 thoughts on “

  1. A Christian should never be unready – If we are trying to rest on our own strength, we will be unready, though.Bless your heart is a southern feminine phrase, I reckon. Just like using “honey” to address everyone. Yep, if you hang around southern belles, you better get used to being honeyed and having your heart blessed.

  2. haha… yep, I agree. Although I sure don’t claim the south as my heritage or anything, I most certainly have lived here for at least… hm… let me calculate… over 2/3 of my life, and I most certainly do use those phrases along with countless others! I never thought of it being a southern thing, but I most certainly do not see why it couldn’t be. About your thought… I believe if a believer is in the will of God and purpose to be content there… then they will not be unready. If they are out of the will of God, they may be unready, but I do believe that God will certainly give them the grace and strength to prepare and ready them. However, since no one is perfect… we do struggle with these things!!!

  3. hm.. I finished that in rather a sort of rush… I’m not saying that if believers are totally content and in God’s will that they will ALWAYS be prepared… because like my last statement said… no one is perfect… but I do wholeheartedly believe that God will give His children what is needed to complete any task He has set before them…. 100% without a question. Now whether we choose to seek and find those things He has provided for us is another thing altogether. We do have a responsibility, and cannot expect that God will just ZAP us with what we need immediately and without effort. So yes, good thought, and thanks for providing us the opportunity to ponder it as well! I’m a little behind on your most recent posts, I apologize.. but I hope to catch up eventually (if not just stay a little more current in the future, hehe!)

  4. Your post is so funny! You are quite welcome for the Classroom Procedures Post. You may also want to check the previous two posts. One is called “Discipline Action Plan” and the other is called “Tips for Beginning the School Year” from Jim Burke who is an excellent educator. The post is really long, but incredibly useful!

  5. I’m from the South and the two points that you just made are very true and you can also never keep a true reb from sayin’ “ya’ll” at least twice every few sentences…

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