End of summer, beginning of an exciting journey…

  Last night I called my dad to tell him that I’m back from our youth group retreat up there in the mountains. He told me I was going out too much lately…better be careful  

So yeah, here ends my summer. I think it’s been my best summer I’ve had so far due to the variety of activities I’ve been able to do. I worked at a summer camp, took a few classes at college (two A’s, one B+ ), went on a missions trip, had a wonderful and unexpected birthday, and went to our yg retreat. YG retreat was great. We had 3 sessions on being engaged with Christ, based on Mark 8:34. Here some pictures:


God is so merciful! I had prayed “Let your will be done” concerning my going to the YG retreat on Thursday. He answered and I had a ride with Donato after my tutoring class! Here’s a pic of the ride. We could see the beautiful sunset and mountains We got to the place @ 8:45 pm or so. Pretty hungry and just in time for dinner!


Beautiful moon outside the rooms.



Indhi at the Maromas


Pastor Marcos at “Las Maromas”


Riding on the back of the truck


Roomates! (Aylin’s missing on the picture)


Pastor Marcos preaching




Drama with dwarf people (Indhi is the face and feet, and I am her hands. I’m standing behind the black courtain) People were cracking up from the very first time we stood there. LOL LOL!!


Indhi and I


Youth Group


On our way back home

I have also learned a lot about God’s love and faithfulness for me, not so much in theory, but in practice. So it’s been a very good summer and I’m thankful for everything  that’s happened.

I believe I’m very blessed. God’s given me many good new friendships and has renewed old ones as well. Friendships that motivate me, encourage me, advice me. Friends who have become family

I am 21 years old  now, and with it seems to come a new deal of responsibility in my life. I will be working at a Christian school, that’s actually the one I graduated from  I’ll be 5th grade homeroom teacher this year. Even though I have 3 years of experience in education field as teacher’s assistant, this will be my first year as a homeroom teacher. In an ideal situation, I would’ve liked to finish my college career first, but I and many others have prayed for this and it seems God’s will for me right now. As a T.A I learned many skills and responsibilities so I know some of how being a homeroom teacher. However, being actually a teacher will require a lot more from me. I am excited for this new opportunity God’s given me to teach. I can’t wait to start the school year and meet my new students and teach them and see them learning and getting excited about it. Nevertheless, I feel pretty weak and small compared to the huge task that has been given to me. I am in charge of 30 souls in need of a Savior. They need to see His glory unfolded in His creation (all academic areas study one or more aspect of His creation). They need to see His grace through their teacher’s character, relationships and attitudes.

What a big priviledge, and what an enormous responsibility! God have mercy.

Well, I’m off to work on yearly plans and classroom management stuff.

I have a question though. I’m working on a webpage and email that would help me in communicating with the parents. I’m not going to be using xanga, but something like www.wordpress.com because it looks more professional. What would be a nice name for it…something like xanga.com/???????? I would like to have the same name for my email and webpage. Here is some helful information that might help you to come up with a good name:

I’m teacher Katherine, teach 5th grade, the school’s name is Logos.

Thanks for your many suggestions!


6 thoughts on “End of summer, beginning of an exciting journey…

  1. Hey — how do you like that book??  I used to babysit Dr. Graham’s granddaughters, and stayed with he and Mrs. Graham for a week several years ago.  They are serving as missionaries in Ireland now.

  2. thanks for the b-day wishes.  i’m actually just starting the doctoral classes – that’s another four years away…
    enjoy your first year in the classroom.  it’s a fun time where you will learn a lot!  :c)

  3. Sounds like and looks like you had tons of fun. 
    Check out google pages.  You can get one for free.  I’m not sure how they work and all, but it could work.  Then call it Miss Kathy’s 5th grade room.
    Sounds like fun.  We’ll be praying for you

  4. Question for you: What’s your e-mail address? You can email me and I think you have my email. The real question is when do you really want my pics from the trip? Can I send them down with my brother in November? Thanks.Leigh

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