Full Moon


Sign up for classes @ 7am.

Meeting @ 9am with school principal to discuss this year teaching position.

Tutoring @ 4pm.

Youth Group Retreat @ 6 In the mountains!!   IF i get someone I can ride with.. Hopefully, if I end up going,  I get there around 8pm. Please pray I get someone to drive me there!!!

Some time ago, I would stare at the moon, and my first thought was romantic love.

Now I look at it again, and think of the wonders of God.

“There’s a reason to sing of the sacred romance with a Savior and King”

“Let creation sing of the risen King. Let the universe resound! With a shout of love we will give to you all the highest praise!”


4 thoughts on “Full Moon

  1. I love the pictures, and you are so right. The Love of God, true and rich and poor, completely outshines the love of humans toward each other, even blessed by God as it can be, by His grace…. thanks for that reminder!

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