Missions Trip 2006

So they say it’s time for an update…

well, “they” it’s really me…uh…nevermind

This week has been amazing. No. Wait. It’s been awesome. Nope..hold on. Let me try it again;

This week has been a demonstration of God’s profound love and faithfulness to me.


On Sunday evening, my uncle drove me to San Pedro (another city) so I could join a PA team that was here helping with some VBS and teaching English to these kids. I was really excited to be able to participate of this ministry, and to get to know these guys. I met them that night when they arrived from church, and actually was able to talk a bit with my roommates, which was really cool Monday morning I woke up early. We had breakfast and left for the camp site. I was so blessed to be able to translate to Greg that morning. I went with him to preach the Gospel to a bunch of motorcyclists. At first there were like 10 of them, but as Greg persisted in asking spiritually challenging question, some of them started leaving. It was really interesting how many of them actually did stay until the very end. I really enjoyed seeing Greg’s passion for the Word of God and for the lost. It spoke volumes to me…I should be bolder and braver when it comes to preaching God’s Word.

 It It was cool to translate for him…’cause he’s got pretty good Spanish (considering he has never been in any spanish class) and sometimes it was funny ’cause he’d try saying something in Spanish and since I was used to he saying something in english and I translating it to spanish…sometimes I’d find myself translating his spanish to spanish speakers. LOL!

I guess I could write and write and never end the small anecdotes and memories I have and cherish deeply. But because I love ya’ll, I won’t

So these are the few major highlights of this missions trip:

1. Bible Study at the end of the day: Worship time was great!! Greg had assigned everybody a small portion of the book of Hebrews. Every night 2 people would explain and share with us their insights. And then my favoritest part was when Greg had us “digging” into the passage. I really loved that, and it was very big blessing for me.

Brian and Andy playing guitars

2. “Encouragement Time” was definitely a highlight. It was my first time doing something like this and just bringing our coverts and pillows, and being able to open up with people and let them know you appreciate them, and the time for encouraging, advising…was a blessing I can’t start explaining with words. I really loved it! We went to bed pretty late that night, but it was so worth it! And I will certainly take this experience back to my youth group.

Jill, I and Ashley (it was freezing cold under the fan!!!)

3. Fellowship and Ministry: Before I joined the team, I prayed the Lord would help me to fit in the group. Well, God did answer that prayer!! I think it happened from the first night I was there. The girls were awesome with me, and everybody just made me feel welcome from day 1. God’s love was at work in our midst. I was helpful translating for others  Also, I got to see His love through and in the team, and in their relationship with the host church and with the kids. They certainly enlightened their faces every morning, and I could see what a blessing it was for everybody to be around..well, everybody! We all had so much fun! The kids learned so much and had a great time

Singing “Who’s the king of the jungle….”

“UNIVERSE” (lol)

Kourtney, Becca, Ryan’s group

Debbie’s group

4. Goofiness: And here I think I should stop for a moment to say this: I really, really had so much fun just being goofy. And I thank Audrey for helping me in that I mean, I missed that so much! I do have fun with my friends here and everything and I love my friends very much…but we act like adults so much at times and forget that, hey! we’re Christian young people!!! therefore we have all the reasons in the world why to enjoy what God’s given us and be carefree!!!! Thank you guys for reminding me of the freedom I have in Christ! I am bringing home many of the activities we had

Monica and I rubbing an apple (okay, so my tongue is blue because I was eating Skittles before lol)

Alberti got us free popsicles!!! they were melting..but oh well!!

Andy drinking water from the water fountain (there were no cups at the time lol)

Snuggling time!!! Featuring Drew, Ryan C and Eric

Cover of  towel magazine

Some of the things I learned and/or was reminded of….

1. God’s church is not perfect. All churches have their strengths and weaknesses. I saw many things like worship time that were done differently than I am used to. Yet I am so thankful that it is this way because that shows us that we need Christ to supply all our needs and that we can learn from one another to become better servants for Him.

2. It was really interesting to see their (aka. PA team) life focus. They spoke about “your life’s ministry”. Wow…that challenged me to see and live my life as a living sacrifice to God.

3. Christ love.

For those of you xangans who forgot (except for Adam. Thank you man!!!), yesterday was my 21st birthday I really wasn’t expecting much…just maybe a few calls from faithful friends and some “happy birthdays” from my roommates. But…God has far better things for me. Early in the morning, as I was serving my breakfast, the whole team surprised me by singing “Happy Birthday”.Aww, that was SO special!!! (I am asumming my roommates told them )

 In the afternoon, when we went to the beach, Audrey prepared a sandcake for me

(this is what was left of it…but I might upload the other nice pictures of it later as soon as Leigh sends them )

But something more special actually happened to me during “Encouragement Time” we had after dinner. Kristin (one of the leaders) wrote me a letter and so did everybody else! I wasn’t expecting that at ALL!! So that was a big  big surprise at the end of the day  I also got a present from the team.

 And we had ice cream also

OH GOODNESS!!!! I mean, yesterday was the best birthday I’ve ever had!!! God knows how hard my last birthday was and…well, He knows me. I am so undeserving of His blessings…any of them!!! Thank you guys for making me feel so appreciated I love ya!

Now, some quotes:

  • Did you had some class to learn not to have any accent at all …like some speaking class or something? (Ryan C)

  • “God has your best interest in mind” (Greg)

  • “There was a moose…who liked to drink water in his bed….” (I think it was Andy and Drew???)

  • Song playing in the van while we’re riding to go to the camp site “What it comes to” by Supertones.

  • “Stop dreaming of little things, and start dreaming big for God” or something like that  (Greg)

  • “It was cool how you…” (everybody last night during “Encouragement time” )

  • “Okay Katherine, we have a suitcase and we’ll take you with us” (Jonathan)

  • “Oh, I need to tell you a story…” (Audrey)

  • “Por favor, hablame en espanol” (Kourtney)


(Greg getting ready to drive the van- but he didn’t end up doing it LOL)

  • Song: “En los montes”

I guess that’s it for now. God is really, really good to me. And I just can’t stop praising Him.

You should do the same!


11 thoughts on “Missions Trip 2006

  1. OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH KATHERINE!!!! This is Tara! Yesterday was actually a really LONG day! The first group’s flight got cancelled and my group’s (the second group) flight got delayed for like an hour and a half. Because we missed our flight that went from San Juan to Philadelphia, we had to get these other flights. We were all in planes or airports until 11 last night. It was still another lesson though that God wanted to teach us. That huge lesson was patience. Yesterday was all about patience. I got home at about 2:45-3:00 this morning. I didn’t actually get in bed until like 4:45! I don’t know why because I was so tired. Anyways, I don’t have that much time, but I wanted to subscribe and give you a quick update on what happened yesterday!!! I love you Katherine and I miss you a ton already!!!
    Your sister in Christ forever, Tara

  2. KATHERINE!!! i´m talking to u on im right now!! lol. So ya, those were great times! i´m so glad has taught u a lot! ur amazing! and i absolutely love u!!! The pics are awesome!

  3. WOW!!!! That’s awesome! What an exciting experience! Thanks for sharing it with us! Happy Birthday! God has surely blessed you… this week, and for eternity!

  4. Hey Hey!!!! I love your post that goes on forever!!!!!! (pronounce like universe) Heehee. Love it though. Glad someone has time to write that much. Well Chris has all my pics on his hard drive so as soon as I get them from him I’ll send you some. Would you want me to send you a CD? Or do you want me to send it down with my Bro in November? I’ll talk to you later. I’m still doing wash to catch up from these past two weeks. Hope all is well. I miss you and the whole DR. Love ya.Leigh

  5. insects are extremely difficult to photograph. basically you have to have a lot of patience and time, and not mind crawling around on the ground. once in a while it pays off though 🙂

  6. Hummm…that is the truth!!! AMEN!!! God’s riches are the only riches that will truly matter! I sometimes do wish that I could get a bigger taste of how other people live. Anyways, I love you very much and I miss you and I am hoping to see you next summer!

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