Coming up…

 What a long week..I have sinned and struggled and the devil has tried to take away my confidence on God’s grace and forgiveness to put me down and leave me in frustration and desperation, but again His grace has been enough to take me through

Right now I am…

1. Working at a summer camp. The same I worked at last year, and the Lord has given me a good time. I’m leader/teacher of the 6-7 yrs old group. The camp will be over next Friday

2. Working part-time tutoring 4 kids in the afternoon. I praise God because He is never late. This job found me (’cause I wasn’t looking for one, though I needed it) when I most needed the money…I’m almost broke now.

3. Serving as Sunday School teacher. I teach Kindergarteners

4. Singing with the choir ministry…though I haven’t been able to attend all Monday night rehearsals because of school this summer, but I plan on going back and serving full time again I’m excited to be back!!!

There are many things coming up in August:

1. My birthday is August 3rd.

2. Youth group retreat (August 10-12). I am SO looking forward to it. We will be traveling to a mountain. This year the pastor is going to be preaching about how we should be commited to Jesus. I am praying it’ll be a time for recomitmments with my Savior and Lord 🙂

3. Job change: I start teaching at a new school. It’s a Christian school in Spanish (I was teaching in a secular English school)…it’s actually the school I graduated from…so it’s kinda like “going back to one’s roots” hehe. I am excited about this change God has brought in my life, yet I am a little nervous about all the challenges it’ll bring. But I know it all will be for my good and His glory 🙂 As of now, I will be 3rd grade Teacher Assistant and teaching science and social studies, plus a 7th grade Literature class. I love literature and it’s just like Amazing how God has allowed me to teach this subject. I want my students to fall in love with literature and books as much as I do….not because I love books, but because understanding and developing reading skills will ultimately help them in their Bible reading…and reading/understanding His Word might lead them to repentance and Eternal Life. Anyway, there’s a possibility that instead of me being a TA in 3rd grade + science and social studies classes, I’ll be 5th grade homeroom teacher. The current 5th grade teacher is getting married and leaving to Spain in September….so there’s no one in the school who could take that possition. The school and I do not prefer me to take that possition now (since I’m new in the school and I want to get my Education degree first), but if the Lord doesn’t provide for somebody else, I’ll be the one doing it. So please, if you remember,  pray that the Lord will bring a 5th grade teacher in the next couple of weeks…and if He doesn’t…please pray that He’ll equip me and help me to do a job that will glorify His name 🙂  I accept whatever He decides for me. I am so thankful that I am not in not in charge of my life…but that the All-Knowing, Sovereign, Loving Savior is in charge of the wheel of my life! It’d be TERRIBLE if He wasn’t.

So yeah…definitely August is a very busy month!


“My God will meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus”

Philippians 4:19


Last but not least… pictures! (okay…you’ll have to put up with me for at least the next month or so)






Fighting with Mcdonald’s swords




My cousins (they’re twins)



-the end-



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