This afternoon, after work, I felt the need of having a good conversation with someone…anybody. I’ve felt like it’s been ages since I’ve been able to “let it all out” with someone. Last Friday night it was good though…after youth group prayer meeting, a friend and I hung out together. We planned to go to the movies to watch “Over the Hedge”, but then when we got there, we found out they were screening it at 6:30pm, not at 10:30pm like we had thought. Anyway, I went over her house and spent almost like an hour talking to her about my breakup experience, and what God has done in my life, etc… anyway…it was just good to talk to her….

but today I still felt I needed to talk to someone….

And in some ways, God provided for that someone…it was my mother  I thank the Lord because He’s given me such an amazing mother, and I am so blessed for the relationship I have with her. I love her to death and everything she (and we) have gone through the years it’s just proven me that she’s someone very special. So we had a small talk, and again…it was very good.

One of the things I was telling her is that I am just too busy with school, job, church ministry, friends…that I hardly have any time for a relationship now. Not that I have someone in mind, or that someone is interested in me (as far as I know). Not that I am not looking forward for it to happen someday, but I just am too busy for anything at the moment…or at least I think I am. I just can’t sit down and “set aside a couple of hours a day to wait for that person to arrive to my life”. ha! that’d be wasting my time all the way..the precious time God’s given me to be closer to Him and do what He wants me to do now. My friend told me that if God provides for that person, then He’ll also provide for the time. And yes, she’s got a point right there. When the Lord brings that person, He’ll bring him along with the time I need to be able to grow in that relationship.  I have found myself wondering if I am just keeping him (whoever he is..I don’t know) away because I am just too busy. What a wrong thought! What would be any better than keeping busy in the Lord’s kingdom, and leaving him all these little affairs to His loving wisdom?

Tonight I still need to talk to someone who would know, listen and cry with me if necessary.

And I need a hug.


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  1. Yeah, I would say not to waste your money, but other people I know liked it a lot, so.In the words of A.O. Scott: “occasionally amusing, frequently tedious and entirely too long.”

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